Saturday, July 16, 2016

Letting Go

I had to let go of my little drummer boy.  Put him in the mail to Houston.  Won't get him back for about a year.  Here he is:
He was made for an exhibit called Dinner @ Eight in the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  The theme this year is Pattern.  I was inspired by a beautiful child who was banging on a steel drum in the Camden Aquarium in New Jersey this past spring.  Even though he is entirely hand appliqued and hand quilted, it didn't take me long to make him, once I got inspired to begin.    He is mostly made with upcycled fabrics from shirts and skirts and dresses, (and jeans).  The drumsticks are zippers.  I titled the piece Fiddlesticks.


  1. It's a piece with feeling and energy! I love your detail with the fading on the jeans in just the right spot, and adore the zippered sticks. Also, thank you for highlighting the use of upcycled fabrics. There is so much potential in reusing previously loved articles, and what a wonderful way to add a real vintage print to our work.


  2. Excited that this piece is traveling so that so many will enjoy your art and talent. Thank you for sharing it with us both at my quilting class and with the Guild. Donna


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