Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fun teaching assignment

I got to get away from real life today and play with a bunch of artists at Dunedin Fine Art Center today.  It was a treat.

  Each artist had their own easel and taboret to work with. 

Most worked right through lunch time. 

 We were spontaneous and creative - several made portraits, 
some still life, and some made landscapes.  


 The time flew by!  I think everyone enjoyed it and we designed without patterns!  Very freeing. 

This student said she could hardly wait to get home and work on finishing her portrait.  Notice the Eiffel Tower nose!  Wonderful.
The only negative part for me was the two hour drive there, and the two hour drive home.  But, thank you to Teddy, who drove three and a half hours each way to take the class!