Saturday, July 8, 2017


I have been learning to build a website/blog!  I tried several times to get assistance with this, and was willing to pay for help, but ended up using a hosting service called Wix, which has lots of tutorials for do it yourself web designing.  So far, it's going pretty well.  I haven't thrown the computer out the window.
The new website and blog are for a small group of international fiber artists who will be working on various art quilts over the next two years.  We will issue prompts bimonthly and then post the resulting work on the blog.  If you would like to follow our process, please subscribe at

So I've been thinking about starting a new series of art quilts.  I'm debating with myself over what they should say, what ideas they should communicate.  This afternoon, I was mowing part of our property.  Mowing is good thinking time.  It can be meditative.  You're just going back and forth, following the line of the row you just finished.  Loooooonnnnngggggg rows of tall grass.  Usually, I'm singing.  But today, I was thinking about my new series.  I thought, "What makes you angry?',  "What are you most concerned about?" and "What do you want to leave behind?"  And I decided.

My next work should be about how precious life is!  We seem to have lost that belief.  Life is so dear, and wonderful, and important.  And, the next thing I knew, I had mowed over a snake.  Not on purpose - I didn't even see him until I went around again, and there he was with a head wound, writhing toward the safety of the tall grass.  I was afraid I would mow him again if he stayed there, so I went and got my brave husband, who came with a shovel and carried the snake to the woods.  I hope he makes it.  I don't understand why he didn't slither away when he heard/felt the mower coming.  Maybe it was like squirrels when they freeze and don't know which way to run?  Anyway, I thought it was so wierd that this happened right when I was thinking about how precious life is.  Maybe that proves my point.  You never know when something catastrophic may happen.

I didn't get a photo - it was a pretty garden snake with black and green markings.  But I do have a quilt with a snake.
                                                        Marine Scene    33 x 42"    $975
                                                        Hand applique, machine quilted