Friday, May 22, 2015

Excitement in the Air!

Just finished some wonderful fiber related experiences. 

1. Got to attend the SAQA regional conference, Studio to Gallery, and 2. see the opening of an exhibit, Southern Accents, in the Ruth Funk Textile Museum in Melbourne, FL.  3. Had fun reconnecting with many fiber friends (always great!)

 From there, I went on to Cocoa Beach, and  4. got to spend some impromptu reconnect time with another fiber buddy, Midge, who lives and has a studio there.  We wanted to fish in the ocean, but the conditions weren't just right, so  5. played with fabric collage instead.  It was wonderful.  AND, 6. we took a field trip to a terrific Art studio in Melbourne, called Art More Place.  7. I was invited to take some photos of the great explorations going on there in a Tracy Verdugo class. 

 Students going out in front for a group photo.  Front and center is Sherri O, the owner of AMP.
                                            It's a large, colorful, inspiring place to create!

When I returned home, I gathered some of my small Art quilts, and  8. headed to the Florida Craft Art Gallery in St Petersburg.  The Gallery director, Liz, selected 12 of my pieces to be sold in the retail area of the gallery !!  I am honored to have work in this venue!  Which gave me courage to 9. approach another gallery in a different metropolitan area of Florida!!  Fingers crossed on that one. 

AND, 10. I am in the process of scheduling a two day Art quilting workshop at the Life Enrichment Center in Tampa in July.  This is thanks to another fiber friend who recommended me.  All very exciting growth experiences for me.  I so appreciate the friendships that are helping to create all this wonderful karma!

Friday, May 1, 2015


I recently made a small quilt to donate to an auction for an international Art quilt group called SAQA - Studio Art Quilt Associates.  I had just come from a retreat, where people had shared some of their fabrics.  I challenged myself to use these fabrics for my 12" square auction quilt.  It was a very mixed bag of prints, including a navy with white scissors, and a navy with white bicycles.  And some beautiful feather print with gold details.  I decided on birds, and was able to make it all work together, I think.  Here is the finished, hand quilted piece:
I thought later, that I should have made a more beautiful, subtle, generic quilt that would appeal to more people, but maybe some quirky person will enjoy it.  I hope so.
To see many more SAQA Auction quilts, go to: