Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Kyoto, continued


                                     Wed. Jan 24, 2018    Notes from my journal - 

Another large shrine this morning. (Heianjingu) You pay, you bow, you clap, you pray, you bow.  Cold day today!!!

              Prayers, thanks, and wishes are tied to the branches of these bushes.

Next we went to the Museum of Traditional Crafts, where we were given special permission to take photos. 

                         2 hours for lunch and shopping (and in my case, photography!)

                                               What a truly magical place this is!!!

Next we went to a workshop to try the Kyo-Yuzen technique of stencil painting onto a canvas bag. 

 We were then fortunate to walk to a studio in the neighborhood where some gentlemen were painting long lengths of fabric for obi.  Obi are like a wide belt to wrap around a kimono.

Hustled to a shopping mall near our hotel.  Found a few trinkets to bring home, and some interesting sights along the way.  

                                                               Interesting translations!

Walked back to the hotel in HEAVY wind. Then back to mall area again for a 'pancake' dinner and a small beer.  

 I’m getting some wonderful portraits – a lady in her exercise class posed specially for me, and our waitress at dinner was gorgeous!!!