Friday, August 21, 2015

Back at Camp!

Having a terrific time this week and next, with some sweet teenage girls at a residential camp nearby.  I was invited to help them learn quilting.  We are working on Gees Bend style, simple improvisational quilts, using a pillow turn method and tying to finish.  Here are some photos of our progress and materials and tools.  I am getting tickled watching them get so excited about these pieces.  It is so fulfilling to watch them learn and create with pride.  They have lots of donated fabrics to work with.
This is part of one camper's choices.  Her goal is to make a large, bed size quilt for her grandmother.  This will not be finished at the end of next week!
We also have sewing machines to use, both new and old.  Guess which ones have the fewest problems?

Some of the girls are total beginners to sewing.  It's a joy to watch them find success at a new skill!!

 And to see the pride in their achievements!!  The camper below lucked out and found some already pieced flying geese units in the fabric pile, but she pieced the entire top section herself.
The quilt below was freshly 'hatched' just before this photo was taken.  The girls are working hard, learning useful skills, and having fun!  And so am I.