Friday, May 1, 2015


I recently made a small quilt to donate to an auction for an international Art quilt group called SAQA - Studio Art Quilt Associates.  I had just come from a retreat, where people had shared some of their fabrics.  I challenged myself to use these fabrics for my 12" square auction quilt.  It was a very mixed bag of prints, including a navy with white scissors, and a navy with white bicycles.  And some beautiful feather print with gold details.  I decided on birds, and was able to make it all work together, I think.  Here is the finished, hand quilted piece:
I thought later, that I should have made a more beautiful, subtle, generic quilt that would appeal to more people, but maybe some quirky person will enjoy it.  I hope so.
To see many more SAQA Auction quilts, go to:


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  2. I saw this on SAQA's page and just loved it. I'm sure it will go quickly!

  3. Very imaginative. The hand stitching really adds a lot to this small wonder.

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  5. Why would you try to do a generic quilt? I love the quirky scissors in the bird, and the bold colors. Very good, I hope it does well in the auction.


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