Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer camp!

Have not posted in awhile, so I thought I would show progress on my little restaurant guy.  Still tweaking, but he's getting there. 
I have been working on finishing some art quilts.  It feels great to get them quilted, and bound.  Then I have to come up with a title, which I sometimes struggle with.

Jane Dunnewold has opened a Creative Strength training summer camp on Facebook.  I joined, and the first prompt was about using sticks.  I hate picking up sticks, but I did (several wheelbarrows full) and I decided to make a quick study using some scraps that have misty fuse on the back.  Wanted to focus on negative space and layer several 'sticks' on top of each other like the ones I pick up and throw on the burn pile. 
Here's step one: 
I chose a brown for the background, then when I add the 'air' shapes, the twigs look brown. 
Step two:
Really, a continuation of step one.  These look better from a distance, or when squinting your eyes.

Step 3:  Layering and adding a new color.

And step 4:  Need to know when to stop!

I like this, but wish I could add layers without covering so much of what is beneath.  Anyway, it was a fun and quick process, and I enjoyed it.  I was rebellious and didn't follow the directions to make a sculpture of actual sticks, but having handled so many sticks yesterday, I wanted to work with FABRIC sticks today!  Thank you Jane, for the fun challenge!!

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  1. I loved seeing the progression AND the fact that your Rebel was in charge and you did what you wanted instead of following the suggested challenge!!! Terrific!!!


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