Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dyeing again

I have been taking another online class at Quilt University.  This one is called Dyeing to Design, with Elizabeth Barton.  We are making shibori fabrics, and next, will work on ways to use them.  Here are some in my collection:
I am thinking feathers and foliage, but may try some geometric and other designs as well.  FUN!  Go to Nina Marie's blog and see what other artists are up to.


  1. I had to stop and check your profile for an explanation of all the green...Florida! :-)

    Love the leafy pieces. I've not wanted to fuss with shibori, but I might just have to take another look at that class. Lovely work!

  2. Ohhh I wanted to take class but with both those projects going - I didn't dare stop! Elizabeth just said to take it later in the year -- so we'll see - not to mention she's going to be showing dyeing in Arrowmont in August. Hope you'll share more of the class - these are gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful shibori!! I might have to get some done before too long! Found your blog at Nina Marie's Friday blog post. So glad I did!


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