Sunday, January 27, 2013


I have been working on some art quilts to enter in SAQA exhibits.  (Can't post those, so I'll show other projects that I've been involved in recently) First is a Tshirt quilt that I am making for a former high school student of mine.
She saved shirts that she got at concerts.  I think it is coming along nicely!!!!  It will have large borders, as it is for a queen sized bed.  The borders will be various black and white prints, with slivers of colors here and there. 

I'm also making some crazy pieced blocks for a young woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is having a rough time.  Some friends and I will make two quilts - one to raffle, and one for a comfort quilt.  The raffle one will be pinks and creams, and the comfort one will be hot pinks and blacks - her favorite colors. 
I am linking up with Nina Marie's Creative blog.  Check out what other quilt artists are up to there.

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  1. ohhh I have a box of my tshirts (since I love love tshirts) and box of Tessa's so I believe a couple tshirt quilts are in our future!


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