Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Recap 2019

Our priest said that we should look back on what we accomplished during the past year, and evaluate how we could do better in 2020.  I decided to look through photos to see what I was able to make quiltwise last year.  Here are some of the highlights:

 In January, I was invited to show a collection of my portraits at the World Quilt Show in Tampa.  Here is one of four sections of my work:

This photo shows three in progress pieces which have all been completed now, and are either traveling with exhibits or designated to do so.

This is a quilt titled Sliders, which will travel with the SAQA global show called Aloft.  It shows me and my son John, a few years back.

I took a class with the wonderful Betty Busby in January, 2019.

Here is a quilt that I made afterward, titled Leaf Dance:

I decided to give two OLD quilts to the dog shelter in order to clear some space in my studio.  Here is one of them, which I made for my son when he was small.  It was difficult, but had to be done.

I participated in a slice quilt with five other quilters.  Here is the result:

Here are a couple of quilts that I started in classes I taught, and then completed later.

I was hired to make three quilts using doggie bandanas that the owner had saved.  Here is one of them:

This one was started for a call for entry called Wild Fabrications.  I didn't finish it in time to enter, but I finished it this year!  Titled Namaste.

I took a class from the wonderful Pat Pauly, and made some super screen printed fabrics.  Here is Pat, and a quilt that I made using some of those fabrics:

I also taught classes in several locations both in and outside of Florida this year.  Check my website to see what classes are available, or email me at

I took a class with the fantastic Paula Kovarik. She invited her students to come visit her in Memphis, and two of us did just that!!

I got to play with Pamela Allen in Memphis:

I was moved to create two large lap quilts for friends who are fighting cancer this year.  I hope they feel the love inside:

There are a few that I can't reveal yet, as they are being made for competitions.  Here is a peek at three of them:

This year I completed a King sized bed quilt that I started MANY years ago.  It felt GREAT!!

I started work on a book for my group Cloth in Common.  I'm hoping to wrap it up very soon.  You'll be able to see all of the work that was completed by eleven artists over a two year period.  I also started an Instagram page for the group.

I collaborated with two other artists on a project involving sea creatures and poetry (and another book).

I don't have wall space for all of my quilts, but this one, Pond, gets to hang in my living room.

Every now and then, I add to this Scrap City, because I hate to throw anything away.

I made a jacket.

And a kimono shaped quilt.

For Christmas, I made each of my children a bed quilt.

It was a terrific year.  There were many magical moments.  I got to travel, visit friends and family, see fabulous art, take loads of photos,  sold some work, wrote some magazine articles, and passed on the gift of art to others.  I look forward to more of the same in 2020!!


  1. O my goodness, you are so prolific, productive, artful, thoughtful, eloquent, generous, and wonderful!

    1. Thank you kindly! I do stay busy, and love what I do.

  2. That was indeed a very productive year, how do you find time to eat and sleep?

    1. When I'm making art, I forget about everything else!


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