Thursday, August 18, 2016

Studio and storage

I attended a meeting of art quilters (SAQA, Melbourne, Florida) recently and the topic was studios and storage.  There were several good ideas shared, as well as photos of many sewing and design studios.  It got me thinking about my own area, and what I might have to share, or need to change!  At the risk of everyone seeing my messy storage, here are some photos I shot today.
First image, I have to rearrange everything to do a photo shoot of my current art quilts.  Have to move my longarm, and much of the stuff that is hidden away under it.  I made the light stands, and take advantage of morning sun coming through my windows and skylights.  My design wall is four separate panels of insulation board (4x8') covered with flannel.  I have a long rod with clips for hanging bed sized quilts.

So, here is what the same view looks like after the photo shoot!  Much better.
Four rolling carts hold my overflow fabrics that won't fit in the cupboards on the far wall.

Next, I have an office area/ironing station that is sorely in need of cleaning and purging.  In the cupboards I keep lots of art supplies, and hubby keeps some tools and pool chemicals.  Amazing how you fill up every little space.  It does look better with the cupboard doors closed!

I recently went through my fabrics that I keep in closed cupboards, and because it was getting so cramped in there, I took out the large pieces that have been purchased for quilt backs, and moved them to some open shelves where I keep ongoing and customer projects. And of course, there are more fabrics in the bags on the bottom shelves!
This was a good move, and allowed more room for the smaller fabric pieces in the cupboards, which I try to organize by color.
And I wanted to share that I have a few pieces near my cutting area that I have collected from artists I admire:  Susan Shie, Bodil Gardner and Pamela Allen. My heroes!
At some point, I will need to STOP collecting fabric. . . .


  1. If you have it, you might use it. Please remember that if you don't have it, you can't use it.

    1. You are correct, but this philosophy is what got me so cramped for space. I really should share some of what I have. (Or at least cram it into a cupboard.)


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