Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wildhaired Winged Woman

I've just finished tweaking this piece.  I tend to overwork my art pieces, but I like to hang unfinished ones in my kitchen, where I can study them from time to time and change what needs changing. 
She started right around Christmas, and I wanted to give her some wild hair.  And wings.  She started abstract, and I fiddled with her until I almost lost that abstract quality.  I like her.  Here is step one:
And after quite a lot of facial surgery, highlights, and implants, she morphed into this:
My dad's doctor saw me working on her yesterday and asked if she was from The Wizard of Oz.  Is she scary?

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  1. Oh this is wonderful! She's not scary at all- Maybe she's irritated that you have still not picked up your room, or sad because of a major loss, or thoughtfully considering what to work on next, or studying something with great appreciation. I love pieces that can manage to really capture an expression, especially with such graphic pieces and prints, yet still leave some ambiguity and room for interpretation with the viewer. Lovely!


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