Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cleaning house!

I have been getting organized.  Because company is coming, I have had to clear all my stacks of papers off the kitchen table.  I moved all my projects off the couch.  I cleared my sewing table and cutting table, and vacuumed everything.  I feel so accomplished.  I have also been knocking off many customer quilts, and finishing several of my art quilts.  Wow!  The planets must be aligned or maybe it's the cooler weather that is making me frisky.  I even trimmed a bunch of trees in the yard today. 

I should have taken 'before' photos, but really don't want to remember what it all looked like before I cleaned. 

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  1. Good job cleaning... I just gave up! smile.
    You could wait til it gets lived in again to take the picture, because you know a messy studio is a sign you've been working.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  2. Clean spaces are refreshing. In my sewing "room"/space, it is an opportunity to get motivated on a new project. Starting on a few new projects this week.
    Donna Weeks


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