Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mom's quilt

Worked hard all afternoon and evening today to finish this top.  It is made using some of my momma's favorite clothes.  It was hard to cut into them, but the quilts made will be a comfort to family members.  It is fitting that the pattern is a basket weave, since mom was a big collector of Longaberger baskets! I also love that a cross is visible in the weave.  She would have liked that too.


  1. Beautiful, as always and with such a special connection. I still have my mom's oxford shirts waiting to become a quilt. Thanks for the inspiration Karol.

  2. My Mommy made quilts. I have 2 quilts that she made using material that had been left over from clothes she had made for me!! I can look at these quilts and see the clothes I wore 40+ years ago!! All your quilts are beautiful!! You were a fantastic art teacher and it is wonderful that you are teaching others how to quilt!! Charlotte May


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